Why Abacus Foundation Repair?



We know how confusing it can be to find a foundation repair company you can trust. In fact, trust was the reason the founders of Abacus started the company in 2001. We were all working in the foundation repair industry, and noticed that many companies were more concerned with their own profitability than in taking care of their customers.

We believe in transparency, in detailing every step in the process and the associated costs. So you know what to expect, and what it will cost.


We believe that if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. Which is undoubtedly why we have never had a customer complaint filed against our company since its inception. And why we’ve earned major service awards from the world’s leading service company review website.


We also know what we’re doing. Abacus is the only foundation repair company that has had no failures with our technologically advanced Millennium Piling system. So you can be assured that your foundation repair is done right the first time – the only time you’ll ever have to do it.


Abacus is the only San Antonio foundation repair company that provides our customers with a complete record of their project upon completion. You will be provided with all the job notes, job sheets, plumbing and engineering reports, permits, final elevations and a transferrable lifetime warranty for your foundation repair.

Please Feel Free to Contact Abacus with Any Foundation Questions You May Have.