Foundation Inspection Surveys San Antonio TX

A professional foundation inspection survey performed by Abacus Foundation Repair documents all the relative elevations of your home’s foundation, and is useful in determining the integrity of your home or commercial property’s foundation.

A foundation inspection survey is typically performed in preparation for a structural repair, as a baseline for monitoring any future movement, or as part of the process in purchasing or selling a home, to demonstrate the stability of the foundation.

A professional foundation inspection survey will document the levelness of the foundation, the magnitude of any past movement and the areas affected by any movement to date in the foundation.

You will probably need a foundation inspection survey if you:

* live in an area with unstable soil like North Texas
* have experienced cracks in your walls, sticking doors, sloping floors, or foundation wall cracks
* have had past foundation repairs
* need structural repairs
* are involved in a dispute with a builder over construction defects or deficiencies.
* are putting your home up for sale
* are buying a home and want to have detailed information on structural condition
* need a benchmark to monitor future movement

Abacus will perform detailed field measurements to create the topography and current elevation of your foundation, and provide you with a certified document detailing your elevation survey.

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