Foundation Drainage Systems San Antonio TX

Everything is bigger in Texas – including rainstorms. The extremes of too much water and not enough can cause the soil to swell under the slab, eventually bending and cracking your foundation.

Properly installing a foundation drainage system to keep water away from your home will help your slab foundation stay intact. Abacus professionals have years of experience in finding just the right drainage solution for your home. We’ll inspect your grounds and make recommendations for the best option for your particular foundation drainage problem, ranging from a simple stone solution or the installation of a sump pump to keep water flow from damaging your foundation.

More Than a Foundation Problem

Poor drainage can also cause other problems, including standing water that attracts mosquitoes and other pests. Too much water on your landscaping can also cause diseased plants, ruined turf and mud. Installing a suitable foundation drainage system will alleviate these problems and prevent your yard from becoming a maintenance headache during North Texas downpours.

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